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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Show me the money!

If there was any doubt about the radioactive half-life of Florida’s political isotopes since the fallout from 2000 one only need to take notice of the pending visits in the coming weeks by two of the Democratic Party’s largest luminaries in the containment field of Presidential politics. Al Gore will be in Palm Beach on March 12th to lend a hand to the FDP in a couple of fund-raisers. The radioactive fallout can still be felt here as U.S. House of Representative Henry Wexler, D-Delrey Beach, continues in his fight to get the paperless electronic voting machines declared unconstitutional.

As Palm Beach Post columnist George Bennett pointed out in his January 30th column Wexler is still looking for an alternative system to replace them. As a Democrat still smarting from the radioactive burns from the electoral process in 2000, I’m somewhat exasperated to find that more than six years have passed since that meltdown and our elected Democratic Party officials are still pondering an alternative system. Common sense tells us that for the time being an improved paper ballot system would do just fine until we can wrest control of the statehouse away from the cabal still in power that engineered that fiasco.

The other luminary on the way here for a little high profile exposure is the former First Lady and current New York Senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton. She’ll be in Tampa the week of February 25th for an FDP fund-raiser that’s part of a multi-event tour across Florida. As Interstate4jamming is reporting, the event is part of the FDP’s “Victory ‘06” campaign kicking off that week.

As the 2008 Presidential campaign starts to make it’s presence felt in the post 2006 mid-term election phase something tells me Florida will still be ground zero when the time comes.