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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hey Al, Enough Already....

When it comes to politics and the Democratic Party it's almost like it is with my family. Only I can criticize them. But let somone else do it and watch out. Now, having said that and as much as I love Al Franken I wish someone would drop him a note and tell him I'm tired of hearing what a wonderful guy Lindsey Graham is of South Carolina. On February 9th's broadcast in the third hour with Tom Oliphant Al sent out another loving tribute to the Senate manager that brought Clinton's impeachement articles to the Senate from the House. This "great guy" sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Armed Services Committee. Next time Al wants to blow kisses his way how about asking this question of Strom Thurmond's successor, "Where's the god damn armor for our guys in Iraq?" Sitting on the Armed Services Committee one might think that would come up in the conversation somewhere. Sheesh...

And just to show that I'm not entirely dissatisfied, I'm a recent Premium member. So far it has been worth it and I like the fact I'm able to listen to the show on my own time with the commercials cut out. Now that is listening pleasure.