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Monday, February 27, 2006


Today over at The Huffington Post, Arianna’s Russert Watch is a must read. Timmy had an all GOP show today without one iota of opposition. I really loved the rose colored glasses everyone was sporting regarding Iraq as if though the last five days have been a bed of roses for our Arab wards. And oh yeah, the fact the last few days have been troublesome for our occupied friends the Dick Cheney excuse was given – it’s their fault. They just can’t seem to get their acts together and they need to get on the ball according to the elephant parade Timmy was hosting.

Arianna’s last paragraph on Gov. Ahnuld’s appearance is absolutely priceless:

“Last time Arnold was on Meet the Press, he was quite effusive, reminding Tim how long he's known him, telling him he loves him, and praising his physique: "I mean, look at your deltoids and your six-pack. It's amazing, so congratulations on that."
This is apparently some kind of theme between the two of them. This is from today's show:
SCHWARZENEGGER: By the way, you look nice and trim. Your abs look good. Keep up the good work.
In the words of a character from a certain Oscar-nominated film, Tim and Arnold don't know how to quit each other.
If there's one thing that can distract from the travesty of journalism Meet the Press was today, it's being forced to think about Tim's abs. I wish I knew how to quit that image.”

Meet The Press lost it's journalistic credentials sometime ago, but this past Sunday was enough to make Edward R. Murrow glad he was gone. Jesus.


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