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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Shooting Fish In A Barrel

Beyond accidently shooting a hunting companion there is something more disturbing as this tragic tale unfolds. Now I'm picking up stories about Cheney's practice of shooting pen raised birds that are released in the general area of the hunting party. I've read they are usually disoriented upon release and not as sharp as wild fowl.

So let's contrast this with the bubble this WH resides in with regards to their public appearances, shall we? It's a general practice of this WH to have canned audiences that applaud and launch praise and laudatory bouquets on cue. Now I read about Cheney's hunting party riding up to the covey, emerging from the car and then having the birds flushed from the brush to enable easy pickings. Canned audiences vs. pen raised prey for easy shooting. Yes, there is definitely a symmetry there. Is it me or is one not reminded of the practices employed in ancient Roman gladitorial combat where some "combatents" would be issued wooden swords to make for a more livlier and bloody show for the mob. I had no idea these types of hunts existed. What kind of sick individuals would enjoy shooting pen raised, disoriented fowl and then chest beat that you just "dropped" x amount of birds? Oh yeah, the same kind of individual in the WH that would give a canned speech in front of a hand picked crowd then leaves to roaring applause, looking back and saying with genuine surprise, "Wow, good crowd. I really wowed them didn't I?"

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