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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

U.S. House of Representatives fail to override Bush's Iraq supplemental spending bill veto

As expected the U.S. House of Representatives failed to override the WH veto on the Iraq supplemental spending bill: 222-203. Since it was nearly a straight party line vote it’s more interesting to see who strayed – 9 Democrats and 2 Republicans. Let’s take a look at the nine Democrats who voted not to override. Of course they are red staters:

John Barrow D-Georgia 12th Dist.
Dan Boren D-Oklahoma 2nd Dist.
Lincoln Davis D-Tennessee 4th Dist.

Michael McNulty D-New York 21st Dist.
Jim Marshall D-Georgia 8th Dist.
Matheson D-Utah 2nd Dist.
Gene Taylor D-Mississippi 4th Dist.

And then there is Dennis Kucinich D-Ohio 10th Dist. He voted “Present” instead of a ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ vote. His “explanation” is on his web site. What a kook.

For the record, there were two GOPers who voted to override:

Walter B. Jones R-North Carolina 3rd Dist.
Wayne Gilchrest R-Maryland 1st Dist.

I will send a short little missive to our red state Democrats reminding them they should have voted to override on this issue. Look at Rep Walter B. Jones in N.C. Last time I checked, North Carolina was a red state. Good for him.

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