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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Only Americans understand Iraq, right?

Though I really shouldn’t be, it is still stultifying to me that we have any international friends at all when the Secretary of State has an aide that says this regarding a question about Arab governments and Iraq via the Washington Post:

“For their part, the official said, Arab governments need to show more appreciation of the problems Maliki faces and the progress, however slow, he has made. Iraq's Sunni Arab neighbors, including Saudi Arabia, do not understand "what's really happening in Iraq," he said.”

Oh yes, indeed. Current events in Iraq serve only to underline our complete understanding of what’s happening on the ground, doesn’t it? And telling the Sunni’s in Saudi Arabia and Iraq’s other neighbors that us Americans have a better understanding of Sunni’s in Iraq than they do really reinforce our credibility in the region, doesn’t it?
(Major hat tip to for bringing this to our attention.)