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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sen. Edwards discounts framing of GWOT

In an upcoming interview for Time Magazine former Sen. John Edwards clairifies his position regarding Bush's GWOT [Global War On Terror]:

"This political language has created a frame that is not accurate and that Bush and his gang have used to justify anything they want to do," Edwards said in a phone interview from Everett, Wash. "It's been used to justify a whole series of things that are not justifiable, ranging from the war in Iraq, to torture, to violation of the civil liberties of Americans, to illegal spying on Americans. Anyone who speaks out against these things is treated as unpatriotic. I also think it suggests that there's a fixed enemy that we can defeat with just a military campaign. I just don't think that's true." [h/t Mydd]

This is a major difference between Edwards and the rest of the field. He refused to adopt the GOP/Bush framing on this issue and redefines it with reality and exposes the crassness and realpolitik of its usage.

There is no doubt Edwards has thought this out and continues to try evolve his stump speech to reflect this all important step to reject the GOP meme on this disasterous war. In the SC debate last week Sen. Edwards stood out amoung the others as he alone refused to adopt the GOP frame on this issue when he refused to raise his hand when the group was asked if they supported the GWOT. Like Matt Stoller over at Mydd, I have high hopes regarding Edwards' movement on this issue. It will be highly interesting to see where his campaign will be on this in the fall.

What's striking about this is Hillary's position adopting the GOP frame and the policy of leaving behind a significant fighting force in Iraq indefinitely.


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