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No Sunshine From The GOP In Florida's Political Arena

Friday, August 06, 2010

I'm sure watching GOP Gubernatorial candidates Rick Scott and Bill McCullom this past Thursday night in their debate informing the right wing Republican base choir how much they [gasp!] hate government and each other was entertaining for some but unproductive squabbling over who can cut the most taxes is certainly not news with these characters. I would really like to ask Rick Scott if he wants to eliminate "business taxes" why their access to tax funded public services should be subsidized by me, the voter. Use of the infrastructure, police, fire department, and other local and state government services too numerous to mention here would be free to them while my taxes pay for them. And btw, these are taxes he wants to cut as well so we can have an underfunded police, fire department and educational system because that's part of the dreaded evil "government." Watching these guys pander to a willfully misinformed and non curious tea party base gives me a headache......I'm pretty excited to see former local news anchor Debra Gianoulis take on Florida State Senator John Thrasher (R-Dist. 8) for his seat. Thrasher's still making noise about destroying the public education system as we know it and treat teaching children like a dime store retail business......Fake Democrat Jeff Greene's campaign in the Democratic Senate primary pretty much represents the sorry state of the Florida Democratic Party. Greene, who funded Republicans in California when he ran as a GOP Congressional candidate was also a supporter of offshore drilling in California. I'm not sure which is worse, tea party loving nuts like McCullom and Scott who hate the government in general or a Janus like Greene who thinks political office would be a cool social club of millionairs if it wasn't for those damned pesky voters......I sure would like to ask the leader of the Dove Outreach Center, a church in Gainesville, FL, making headlines in the news for their planned "burn the Koran day on 9/11" if they plan a similar burning of the Bible on April 19th the anniversary date white supremacist and biblical verse quoting Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Somehow I doubt it......and finally I love GOP contender Jeff Kottkamp for Florida Attorney General in his debate last month proclaiming, and I quote: "This lawsuit’s not about health care. This lawsuit’s about freedom." Ah yes, the ultra right wing GOP clarion call always has the word freedom in it. But in this case ol' Jeff didn't get to finish his sentence. Its about freedom alright, the freedom to make the already broken health care system a conduit for non regulatory access by big Pharma to continue to work in an environment where they contribute to the practice of putting a price on human life. How Darwinian of these guys.