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Friday, August 06, 2010

Watching Ginni Thomas, wife of United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, bob and weave around the political conflict of interest she's building within the family is no longer entertaining. Her liaison front group lobbying for the Tea Party is not a pretty sight considering her husband sits on the highest court in the land. Funny how Republicans just can't wrap their heads around this. Justice Thomas, who is the most silent Supreme Court Justice in history, hasn't had much to say publicly about his wife's activities. She's also worked for two other ultra right wing groups: The Heritage Foundation & the U.S. Chamber of Commerce who never met a tax cut they didn't like.

Digby over at Hullaballoo makes the crucial point about this conflict of interest if the shoe was on the other foot using Justice Sotomeyer as an example:

"I'm sure nobody in the village [MSM] will dare say a thing about this because the Thomases are untouchable members of the social elite. But I do have to wonder if Justice Sotomayor married someone who started a progressive PAC devoted to open borders whether it would be accepted
with such equanimity."

Yep. No doubt about it. The uproar in the so-called "liberal" MSM would be deafening.