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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What Joey said.....

Urban Manifesto

"This city needs to wake up and realize that WE ARE THE NEW MEDIA. WE the bloggers of Jacksonville, WE the people who post comments on message boards and more so, we members of this community have a right to expose what is going on behind the curtain. I am talking about all of us, the citizens of this community. We have a right to report, publish and comment on any story that is news to us."

Go read, now....

Update: I almost forgot. Major league kudos to Metajax's Jax Investor [Kevin Conner] for his activisim. Go Kevin.


UrbanJacksonville said...

What's up TRU, thanks for the link. It had to be said, this "old guard" media and government we have in Jacksonville is on it's way out. They longer they ignore the community the louder the shouting will become.

They need to include us, the community, in the conversation and one way to do that is to free the information they are trying to desperately to hold on to.

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