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The United States Supreme Court Sides With Goliath Monsanto

Monday, May 13, 2013

Call me cynical but watching a Robert's court side with a corporate giant like Monsanto is like watching adults from the sidelines cheer on a grown adult male bullying an eight year old.  There is no doubt this is a disaster for the small farmer.  It just wasn't a win for the corporate giant, it was a unanimous court decision, 9-0.  After listening to Kagen deliver the majority opinion I had to stop and wonder what the rationale I just heard was.  The fact that Monsanto went after a little guy the way they did it doesn't for what look like it was about money, thought in the end Monsanto is not doubt acting in the long run for what's best in the monetary future.  No, this seems it was a message about power.  A sort of 'don't mess with us' message an stop trying to take these types of grievence to the top of the court system.

It couldn't be any clearer for me what that message was:  the United States of Corporate America Supreme Court.