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City of Jacksonville District 1 Candidate Forum Teaser

Friday, February 18, 2011

Was truly planning to report on District 1 Candidate forum tonight put on by the Alderman Park Civic Association. As you can guess I was the only Democrat in the building with the exception of poor Daryl Fleming, District 1 candidate against Lindsey Brock and religious bigot Clay Yarborough. The photos I took were poor quality but I should get one or two of the batch I took on the site that's good enough to get a sense of the dynamic. I'll give a full review tomorrow night but there was a lot of union bashing/hating, complaints about high taxes [imagine that!] and posturing by the Mayoral candidates in some kind of race to see who can make the most cuts and make the government the smallest.

So stay tuned for tomorrow's District 1 forum report...