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Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's my party and I'll deny it if I want to......

Nothing ticks me off more than a Democrat that won't admit their party affiliation in their paid media buys and presence. Over at his Bill Nelson for Senate web site the words 'Democratic Party' are as rare as a steak in a vegetarian's kitchen. The same goes for his T.V. ads. When your opponent is Katherine Harris, of all people, you should be able to shout to the whole world you are in fact a proud member of the Democratic Party. If he's so reticent to identify his party affiliation during this race than I have no other recourse than to assume he has a problem with it himself.

Though he gets my vote in November, it won't be without my nose being held. You can almost call him the Joe Lieberman of the South. Two votes that illustrate this comparison are his votes on Alito and the Bankruptcy Bill (S.256). His cloiture motion vote and then his subsequent vote against Alito is the perfect example of the "I was for him before I was against him" comparison. Then this unexplainable vote for the bankruptcy bill has every Democrat in the state reaching for a clothes-pin for the nose upon entering the voting booth. Next time I'm looking for a primary opponent I can vote for. All I want is a real Democrat, not a Republican lite.

Get a grip Senator Bill