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Monday, March 26, 2007

Running off at the keyboard.....

Head on over to Bark Bark Woof Woof right now and read Bobby C's take on the US Attorney purge scandal. He nails it. Hehe, indeed, the WH should have taken the twenty dollars.......Guest blogger Rick Kurtzo over at Urban Jacksonville does a bang up job with a local post election analysis that is quite incisive and thoughtful. I especially found his take on Ms. Brown's 24% showing in the Jacksonville Mayor's race more than what it seems.......As the WH grows more pavlovian reacting to the rain of scandals starting to swallow it whole like Jonah's whale I can't keep from thinking about the one over riding trait of the Texas Ranger posing as POTUS - his nearly maniacal obsession with loyalty to himself at all cost. What's both fascinating and disturbing though is his ability to coldly throw these loyal subjects so swiftly under the bus when it suits him as it seems now to be the case with Deputy US Attorney General Paul McNulty.......Hmmmmmm, a statewide dress code? Robert C over at Interstate4Jamming tells us about a proposal from state Senator Gary Siplin (D-Orlando) to ban the hip/hop culture practice of wearing lowrider pants or shorts that is sometimes worn below the waist exposing underware statewide in every public school district. As a local 10th grade teacher I can definitly tell you not only is it impractical but it sets bad precedent. The local school board loses yet another discretionary tool to regarding subjective judgements on what is best for the community.......I see where Suzanne Jenkins proves that even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Jax tells us she was instrumental in having a Jacksonville City Council bill proposal making it harder to get Duval County voter initiatives on the ballot pulled. Matt Carlucci, past City Council President is correct when he calls it bad law. What is it about Republicans that keep showing us they mistrust the voters whenever an opportunity arises? [sigh] Somewhere Pavlov is smiling.

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