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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dueling V.P.'s

At this point there is no doubt the public found out about Aaron Burr's transgression against Alexander Hamilton faster than we found out about Cheney's. The problem is the old adage of opposition voices that cry out, "just connect the dots!" Except in this case there are so many dots to connect it blackens the image. Where does one begin? Private citizens breaking news about the V.P. involved in a shooting, accidental or otherwise? Do we go to this person now for breaking news on Iraq? Iran?

Here is a huge hat tip to Firedoglake for all the data you need to know about this story. Just go and read. Be warned though, if you have high blood pressure you may want to avoid it at all cost. She is a member in good standing with the NRA AND a liberal. Imagine that. Her take is the best one on the net hands down. She also has the hottest blog on the net (except mine of course!) and is a must read daily.

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